Lots of online eyewear retailers offer to send you a selection of frames to try on at home before you buy, a model made popular by Warby Parker in the U.S. and GlassesDirect in Europe. However, although sending you the exact same frame as you intend to purchase has largely solved the conversion problem selling eyewear online creates, it can be pretty costly.

Not only is there the cost of delivery, including returning the frames, but it also requires a lot of extra stock to be held. That was the problem faced by Italian eyewear startup Quattrocento, so its founders came up with a potentially ingenious alternative: the paper try-on.

Specifically, Quattrocento is offering customers the ability to have up to 5 pairs of replica frames made of cardboard sent to your home or office, designed to let you experience how the frames will fit (and, to a limited extent, look) before purchasing the actual product.