If you’ve ever tried to collaborate on a document (or any kind of note, really) with coworkers or anyone else, you’re probably using something along the lines of Dropbox Paper or Google Docs — but they don’t quite have the same team-focused simplicity as, say, Slack, if you ask Christophe Pasquier.

That’s where Slite, a new notes tool that’s specifically geared toward team usage, comes in. Started about a year and a half ago by Pasquier and his team, Slite wants to rethink what a simple notes app looks like where teams can come in and create documents that they can share amongst themselves without having to send links around to each other. Think of it as a new way to mark up a company onboarding manual or an internal contact list. And taking a note from Slack’s playbook, Slite is specifically designed to ensure that its tools remain simple and solely focused on teams. Slite is launching out of Y Combinator’s winter 2018 class.

“While Google Docs and [Dropbox] Paper are customer-facing documents, they aren’t easily maintainable — you can’t [easily] know who did what, you never open something unless someone sends you the link,” Pasquier said. “You think about the permissions mess it causes. What we do is say, this will never be used by non-tech, non-product people, and we want to make it incredibly simple. We just take it as simple as a note.”